Sam Ward's Story

Sam joined the team in late May as a visiting specialist on solid state lasers. Having worked extensively with laser systems at Hamilton College, Sam was a natural choice for the team. Sam is currently a Junior at his New York school, but his knowledge far surpasses that of his peers.

Sam will be solving an old issue in the lab: the Prometheus jitter. Sam will revive an old pump laser from a previous beam layout and use it to precisely trigger the spark gap in the Prometheus thereby eliminating the jitter. This means more precise amplification and fewer bad results in the long haul.

Sam's stay will be short-he'll leave at the end of summer-but what he does for the team will be of great impact. The team will always be indebted to his service and knowledge.

Sam has left us today to return to his home school where he will continue his education as a senior. Sam's input was respected and well issued. Hopefully physics will once again unite Sam and the lab.

--Anthony E. Felder