Laser System:

A terawatt high intensity titanium-sapphire – KrF excimer laser system is operated in our laboratory. The laser system has three main parts:

  • titanium-sapphire laser system as front end to generate seed pulses;
  • KrF excimer preamplifier to preamplify seed pulses with help of two amplification stages;
  • main (power) amplifier to amplify our pulses.

Inbetween two amplification stages of excimer preamplifier a spatial filter has been installed to filter amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) of excimer pulses. Laser pulses are compressed by a grating compressor pair placed in front of ASE spatial filter. In front of the power amplifier a beam expander telescope is installed to expand the beam to the correct size. Behind the power amplifier the main beam parameters are:
  • pulse energy: ~ 450 mJ
  • pulse duration: ~ 200 fs
  • wavelength: 248 nm
  • beam size: ~ 10 cm (4 inches) in diameter

Laser System
Spatial Filter
Basic scheme of the high intensity laser system