Excimer Preamplifier-LLG 50 Pro "Exbooster":

Our beam preamplifier is a LLG 50 PRO “Exbooster” KrF excimer preamplifier made by Laser Laboratorium Gottingen (LLG). The preamplifier works with two amplification stages. The base of the first stage is a shorter excimer tube and the base of the second stage is a longer excimer tube used with KrF gas mix fill. It is important to note that excimer preamplifier uses direct amplification (DA) technique and not CPA! Here, DA technique means: pulse amplification in off-axis beam alignment geometry. In other words laser beam goes through excimer laser tubes in off-axis geometry two-times per tube. After first amplifier stage laser beam has ~10-13 mJ energy in ~2.5 cm beam diameter. Behind second amplifier stage main beam parameters are:

  • pulse energy: 50-60 mJ
  • pulse duration: ~170-180 fs
  • wavelength: 248.5 nm
  • beam size: 28 mm x 39 mm (square shape)